Our Story

 “When someone comes up to you and asks ‘Where did you get that shirt? I love it!'
You know you got it from Gameday Cloth!”

“A place that makes you wish you could buy every schools' clothing...
and not feel guilty about wearing it later.”

Gameday Cloth is my new addiction!“

“If your game day prep doesn't include Gameday Cloth, you've already lost.“

Have you ever stood in your closet wishing you had something unique, good-looking and comfortable to wear? The trifecta of clothing. You can find it at Gameday Cloth

Gameday Cloth was created by two Southern Methodist University Alumni unable to find what they wanted to wear to The Boulevard – something modern & fashionable, yet still sports. After visiting every store in the area Scott and Jana created their own company.

Since 2009 the company has offered a wide range of brands and on-trend fashions to those in the want.  Recognizing style in life is just as important.

In the Winter of 2015, Jana & Scott made the decision to close the physical retail location, but you can still shop with us 24/7 online right here at www.gamedaycloth.com.

Gameday Cloth is a lifestyle brand dedicated to providing the best lifestyle apparel and accessories. 

The Gameday Cloth Family


Jana likes to be referred to as the Chief in Charge. She is a singer, dog-lover, blogger, home cook & decorator, entrepreneur, business owner, lover, daughter, leader, volunteer, former Miss America participant, diabetic, fashionista. She is sensitive, insecure, over-dramatic and emotional. Jana loves to cook, clean, walk, read, drink wine, laugh, try new restaurants, eat brunch, listen to music, shop, sleep and be in control – but not all at the same time. Jana is an SMU Mustang and an SEC die hard. Like the SEC, she too has won seven consecutive titles, hers for being Awesome.


Since graduating quite a while ago from Southern Methodist University, Scott has lived in the land of spreadsheets working in finance. His personal likes include losing golf balls on the course, attempting a perfect Frisbee throw & playing with Parker the dog. He spends any spare time watching movies a year late and analyzing sports. However, his real passion is constantly searching for the next big thing. Originally Jana’s manager back in the day, he can now be found wandering the floor at Gameday teaching his special T-shirt folding techniques.


Parker joined the family after being rescued from a storefront shelter. The lovable cuddle-monkey was born in the SPCA, but it hasn't hardened his demeanor. From day one, he's believed he's a 40-lb lap dog. He prefers standing in his water bowl over drinking it, chases his tail, can't seem to quite figure out the game of catch and creates actual tumbleweeds of white fur all over the house. His current interests change by the moment, but utterly demolishing his toys is a top choice, as well as giving high fives and shakes until the treats run out. Unfortunately ladies, he lost his manhood, but he's still a lover...