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Conference Realignment

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This post was in the NY Times on Friday,  The possible Big 10 realignment is creating buzz again.

To market, to market

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Scott and I spent the last two Fridays scouring Dallas Market Hall for the latest, greatest and most fantastic sportswear and college wear fashion has to offer. It's a bold statement, but we found it. I cannot wait to get in the stuff we found. We ordered new TCU hats from both TOW (Top of the World) and Legacy Athletic. We ordered awesome new men's and women's T-shirts from Original Retro Brand, Red Jacket and Opilis Clothing for SMU, TCU, Ohio State, Texas, Miami and Texas A&M. Check the Gameday Cloth web site because it's all going to start arriving soon!

Aren't you just so excited?

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Behind the Scenes

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We already can't wait for the next photo shoot. We're headed to market tomorrow to pick out the newest, latest and greatest in collegiate fashion. Stay tuned for new arrivals. But until then, enjoy a behind the scenes view into our previous shoot.

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The girl behind the lens

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When starting a company you lean on fantastic friends and family. I've made mention of one of our photographers/models from our first photo shoot in November, our dear friend Dougie. Our other face behind (and sometimes in front of) the camera was my sister-in-law Kat Mathena. And I'm sure by no means did she feel obligated with that whole family thing to help us...

I wanted everyone to have a better idea as to who we are as a company, which is heavily influenced and dependent upon those around us. So I asked a Kat a few questions:

What is it that you do every day?

In the "job sense" I work as an Interactive Producer at a full-service online marketing company in Dallas called Agency Entourage. In the "life sense" I am constantly learning about this world we've been blessed with and striving to love like we were intended to.

What do you wish you were doing everyday?

I want to do marketing and design on a freelance basis and help my husband grow and run his nonprofit.

How long have you been into photography?

Forever. I love the idea of being able to preserve that perfect moment and return to it with just a glance. I began pursuing it as a hobby a few years ago.

What’s your favorite experience with your photography?

My trip to Guatemala. The country and the people are so beautiful it's impossible not to take amazing pictures.

What book have you picked up at least three times and still never finished?

Crazy Love by Francis Chan but not because I don't want to finish. It has become one of those books I tote around with me because you can open to any page, anytime and it won't disappoint. It's definitely a re-reader, whether it's all at once or bits at a time.

What’s your favorite sport?

I like to watch just about anything with friends. If I'm participating it's definitely water skiing or horseback riding.

Who’s your favorite team?

Certainly TCU but really whoever my husband is pulling for. I follow his lead on this one.

What was the last sporting event you attended?

TCU football game.

Who did you think should have won the National Championship?


What do you think of Gameday Cloth? (c’mon, give the right answer here)

I love it! It's a genius idea that no one else has really run with until now. I know alumni will be extremely appreciative and will make Gameday a big success.

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State College, PA - Broken Promises, Useless Contracts: The Current State of Coaching

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This is really interesting.

State College, PA - Broken Promises, Useless Contracts: The Current State of Coaching

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Brett Dougall, photographer extraordinaire

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We had our first photo shoot in December and invited friends and family to help us out. Among our fantabulous friends is Brett Dougall, aka Dougall or Dougie to those of us who love him. Brett is an awesome photographer who offered to shoot pictures for us and do a little modeling on the side. (Side bar: He is also the genius graphic designer behind our graphics. All in, we love us some Dougie here at Gameday Cloth).

A daily coffee drinker, Dougall wants to travel the globe. He got a brief glimpse of nomad life last year when he spent a week in Hawaii for his 33rd birthday.

“I was there for about a week and I promised myself that I would get up early, every morning, not only to watch the sunrise but photograph it as well. I did. Awesome,” says Dougall.

Dougall’s passion for photography has been there since elementary school when his dad got him a dark room set in the fourth grade along with his hand-me-down 35mm film camera. After that, Dougall was hooked.

Now Hawaii offered beautiful land and perfect photographing opportunities with the island atmosphere, limitless ocean and ridiculous sunrises and sunsets; however, he would give it all up, throw away the camera and dive into the ocean with sharks if it was not Hawaii, but instead a small island of only four inhabitants - Ty Pennington, Kanye West, Joan Rivers and him. As Dougie said, “Now that’s a combo.”

His loathing of certain celebrities aside, Dougall loves watching football and playing golf, his team being the Dallas Cowboys. As the creative type, he doesn’t play much sports, but instead watches them. The last game he watched live was the University of North Carolina vs. the University of Texas basketball game at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. The last game he watched and wanted to reverse the score was the NCAA National Championship game. Actually, he never claimed to want to reverse the score, but did say that the University of Texas should have won.

As for his thoughts on Gameday Cloth, “I think it’s a great concept. I’m just mad I didn’t think of it first. However, that logo is pretty, freakin’ sharp. With a logo like that, guaranteed success.”

And I’m sure being that he’s our photographer, graphic designer and friend has no weight to his opinion whatsoever...

Last year while visiting friends in New Orleans Dougall saw a chance for a once in a lifetime picture; he lay in the floor of the living room, his cheek to the carpet, looked through the viewfinder, tilted the lens up and got the most beautiful silhouette of his friends’ baby, Caroline’s, face as she was looking up at her mother. It’s the picture he’s most proud of.

Dougall is a guy that sees a picture in his head before he pulls out the camera and goes the extra length to capture its emotion. He’s a guy that makes you feel whatever he’s pursuing with his camera, because he believes in it. And he’s not too bad in front of the camera either.

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We're live, people

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We finally did it. We are up and running. Scott and I have talked about this web site and worked towards this moment for months now. It isn't perfect yet, but we're learning as we go. We know we have the best product, we just aren't the most savvy online. So bear with us for a bit as we figure it all out. But we are definitely excited to be live.

We love feedback, in fact, we're asking for it! Any schools you want to see or things you like a lot or something you think is just terrible - let us know. We set up for anyone and everyone to reach us. Please send your comments and requests. After all, we built the company on what WE like, so we want to make sure that matches up with what YOU like.

Oh, and Happy New Year!