What We are Drinking - Four Corners Pull Top Can

Posted on April 29, 2014 by scott boyles | 0 Comments

Four Corners Can


We like supporting local businesses, as we are one ourselves. When reaching for a brew, it's usually something local to Texas. So when Four Corners Brewery located in Dallas, TX, released their beer in special new cans a couple weeks ago, we had to try this.  Basically, the whole top comes off giving you a drinking “vessel”. Very unique.


We’ve had a few of the Four Corners various brews before, so we stuck with our favorite - Local Buzz.  The labels are actually pretty cool. Who doesn't love roosters?


After a bit in the refrigerator to get good and cold, we started the test.  The top comes off easily in one motion with zero remaining sharp edges. 




Honestly, we took the first sip and were impressed.  These new cans are awesome!  The consensus? It's possible that these cans could possibly make the beer taste better.  After a couple of these fantastic new cans (we had to make sure it really did affect beer flavor change), ideas began about how we could change the world with those cans. There are many world-changing options. But that's for another post.


At the end of the day, we highly recommend the Four Corners can.  You can find them here in Dallas, TX, at Central Market, Spec’s, and some Whole Foods. Go out. Try it. You'll thank us.

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