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BOOK IT! is a literacy program that's been around for as long as I can remember. I don't' know if you remember your elementary school participating back in the day, but it was a big deal to get my Pizza Hut pizza! I won't bore you with all the details, but suffice to say it's all the rage again.

One - We have the super soft and vintage Tshirts on our website.

Two - 100% of the proceeds from the sale go back to YUM Brands and the BOOK IT! program

Three - Everything Tim Tebow touches turns to gold and he was recently named the spokesman for BOOK IT! (PS - We had the shirts in-store and online before this addition).

You can read more about the program here. If you're a student and want the BOOK IT! program in your classroom talk to you teacher. If you're a teacher, appeal to your principal to get this program in your school. Literacy should be a constant focus both in and out of our classrooms.

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Winter Sale

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I love shopping in January. If I can handle buying "off-season" and holding on to things for a while, I can find THE best deals. For example, I just bought a fantastic pair of black long shorts to wear this summer. True that I can't wear them for a while, but they'll be new and exciting once I finally can wear them.




We're no different here at Gameday. It's the Winter and we're having a sale. Yes - there is more in-store, including ornaments, calendars and NFL gear, but online we've marked it down to the basement and wanted to give you a run at it.

This is not a permanent markdown. We will make things a bit more normal in just a few weeks, so grab it while you can at these ridiculous prices. We need to make some room for all the fantastic new clothes we're getting in the Spring!


Again - get it now. It won't be this low for long ...


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12 days of Gameday - Day six

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We aren't necessarily the most consistent with our days, however, we are counting to give away cool duds and things for 12 entire days. Today's awesomeness? Book It! tee! Remember back in the day of Reading Rainbow and the Book it! program? We do too. And with today's giveaway you can be the literate genius you always aspired to. Want to win? Check out the instructions below for how:

Find us and "Like" us on Facebook and answer the question: "Which is your favorite sports book?" My personal favorite is in-between The Blind Side and Boys Will Be Boys.

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12 days of Gameday - Day Five

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Sunday means one thing - time to sit on the couch watching football and rest up before Monday. Check out our day five of 12 days of Gameday while you're relaxing. Today is all about the Texas Rangers. If you want to win a Texas Rangers hat, follow the directions below:

Head over to Facebook and "Like" Gameday Cloth. And be sure to answer the question: "Who is your favorite Texas Rangers player  - past or present?"

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12 days of Gameday - Day Four

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Today's giveaway will help you feel fashionable and give back at the same time. G Wear by Stanley is a local DFW company using recycled tees and hand appliqué techniques to create unique and stylish wears. We're offering a selection for you to gift or keep, depending on how generous you feel today. To win go to our Facebook page and answer the question: "What team clothing fills your closet?" Be sure to "Like" us on Facebook and feel free to Twitter us some love. #GamedayCloth

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12 days of Gameday - Day Three

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All football season we live by Monday when the BCS posts the new standings, in the hopes of improving our fantasy teams and seeing who's going to the National Championship. This year it's an SEC showdown and we're ready. His and hers 2012 National Championship LSU shirts. His is a vintage tee, hers a fantabulous scoopback. If you want to add either to your closet, see below for how to enter:


Check out our Facebook page and answer the question: Why do you love LSU?

AND “Like” Gameday Cloth on Facebook. Feel free to share on your page or tweet @GamedayCloth as well. Gameday Santa is totally keeping score on this one.

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12 Days of Gameday - Day Two

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Instead of blowing a lot of hot air waxing poetic on your favorite candidate at your next holiday gathering, you should encourage the next generation to get in on the political action with these vintage ROCK THE VOTE tees. We have a women's and a men's style and you can win one today. Whichever you choose is up to you, but we're glad to help you make a fashion and a political statement. Care to win? See below for how:

Check out our Facebook page and answer the question: Which Christmas color is your favorite? Red or Green?

AND “Like” Gameday Cloth on Facebook. Feel free to share on your page or tweet @GamedayCloth as well. Who knows, our Gameday Santa may be keeping a list and checking it twice!

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