Poolside Must Haves with Eat Style Dallas

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On this super rainy day, I found myself dreaming of days at the pool and that tight feeling in your skin after a day in the sun and a happy shower pre-dinner with friends. As I look outside at the grey and wet everywhere, I have the urge to shop online for a new swim suit. 

But, alas, my friend Alex Young, the blogging brains behind Eat Style Dallas has yet again saved the day. He just posted Poolside Must Haves on his site and I'd be remiss not to share. I met Alex when he volunteered to model in our first ever runway show in 2011, here at the store in Shops at Legacy. We hit it off and I've loved him and his love of all things food and fashion ever since.

Alex describes himself he’s Always Hungry. Always Styled. Always in the know and hungry for more. He is also a regular contributor to KTXD TV’s morning show “The Broadcast” hosted by his friend Courtney Kerr, as the “Dapper Dater." Born and raised in Texas, his blog serves as a guide to all things dapper and delicious. 

And without further ado:



(1) Protect the skin you’re in. I’m a local guy who loves local brands and when a great product comes into that mix, well you just can’t go wrong. My first pick? Jack Black Skin Care Sun Guard Sunscreen SPF 45 Oil-Free & Very Water Resistant LotionI absolutely hate when a sunscreen product has that self tanner or toxic smell that you catch a whiff of at the pool or outdoors. Enter Jack Black who has created a sun protection product that gets it. The vitamin-enriched, oil-free, very water- and sweat-resistant lotion absorbs quickly without greasy or heavy residue so theres no worries about the white caking on your face or skin. Perfect.

(2) Lip Work. My friends know me as the guy who always has a product on me in order to protect my lips from dryness. My favorite product to do the trick poolside? Kyoku Lip Fuel (SPF 15)It’s a one application wonder that counteracts uncomfortably dry, chapped lips and sunburn. Your lips are often forgotten in the midst of margaritas, music and mayhem at the pool but you’ll thank me when you use this minty mouth saver that’ll save you from cracked lips later.

(3) Best Face Forward. You don’t allow wrinkles in your closet, why would you allow them on your face? Worry no more with my favorite face lotion thats bound to keep the hydration in your face after a long day of sunning. Pick up Anthony Logistics For Men Facial Moisturizer Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 30. Sugarcane, sugar maple, orange, and lemon extracts work in tandem to tighten the skin and keep the harmful rays out. All different kinds of skin types can use this nourishing face saver and that is why I always use it when I know I’ll be out in the sun.

(4) Beer, Margaritas…Beer-itas. The drink of choice when poolside if often something that’ll have you dragging later, no matter how tasty. I’m not opposed to those beverages but I was looking for something to incorporate in between the adult imbibing. Another local company that is keeping my thirst quenched Koa Organic Wateris a flavorful approached to getting H2O back into the program. It’s water with 10 minerals and 9 vitamins! Cheers!

(5) Shade shade shade. You won’t be able to see that hottie crossing the pool area if you are being blinded by the sun. Why not do it in style? My pick for this upcoming pool season is the Ray Ban Teardrop Aviator SunglassesThe chic goldtone metal frames reflect the suns rays while the lenses provide 100 % UV Protection. Grab a pair while they last in stores, friends.

Be sure you follow Alex in all of his advice and adventures. Follow him otwitter, on Facebook and Vine.

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Want want want

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After a hiatus the last couple years, the much-requested Ruana is back at Gameday Cloth. Versatile and so much cuter than a cardigan.


Bonbon by Micah Yancey …

Shop this resident jewelry collection by Dallas local Micah Yancey


Want to know the easiest way to add style to your jeans and tee? A sequin scarf! Get the Calvin Klein look with our $36 version.


Limbo jewelry design … We've brought this local Austin line back to 2ND Street as our resident jewelry collection. It's simple, modern and the ultimate in fabulous.


If you don't know already, then it's time that you learned … Hanky Panky is the best.


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Good Morning Texas - the GDC Way

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SO MUCH FUN! We got a call a couple weeks ago asking to put together looks for a Red River fashion segment on Good Morning Texas for Friday, Oct 10th. I've only been on a TV set a handful of times and, let me tell you, nothing gets you going more than LIVE TV! (no pressure).

I grabbed a couple friends and GDC girls and LOVED putting my styling hat back on. Now that we have the GDC Denim Bar I can truly style head to ... well, ankle. It was a little chilly to rock our Havaianas or Hari Mari's.

Look at how cute these girls were!

photo 1

The stylist doing the segment for GMT was Jeannette Chivvis and she's posted the video and some more pics on her blog. I couldn't help but snag a few of my own pics as well.

photo 2 photo 3 photo 4When do we get to do it again??!!??!

From L to R: (everything can be found at GDC).

Cheryl is wearing OCJ jeans in OU, G Wear top in Oklahoma, Randolph Engineering Aviators

Kristi is wearing James Jeans Twiggy in Ginger, Original Retro Brand cropped burnout UT top, LeeLee Rox Texas hat

Daryn is wearing thvm jeans in Salt, Original Retro Brand OU dolman, necklace from Gameday Cloth

I am wearing James Jeans Twiggy in Moroccan Leaf, Original Retro Brand Hi/Lo Dolman in UT, necklace from Gameday Cloth

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Introducing ... the GDC Denim Bar

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I am stoked to let you in on our newest & greatest addition to GDC - our Denim Bar. We've spent about a year researching, scouring and meeting with people we know & love in the denim world and have picked the initial four brands to launch our Denim Bar. We could not be more proud and excited to let you, our own GDC fans, in on it.



James Jeans is based out of Los Angeles, where production takes place. It is the only denim line to be solely designed and constructed by hand. Seun, being the first female to successfully launch a contemporary denim line in the US, has accomplished the yin and yang of perfect fit and ultra-appealing look.

The James Jeans muse is every woman looking for an amazing pair of jeans that exceeds her denim expectations. Seun and the design team find inspiration in a multitude of art, iconic fashion, and the tangible experience of working with new fabrics.

James Jeans customers include innumerable celebrities. A current selection: Blake Lively, Charlize Theron, Demi Moore, Halle Berry, Jessica Alba, Minka Kelly, Nikki Hilton, Rachel Bilson





THVM, stands for This Here Very Moment. It is a collective of creative minded people dedicated to designing and producing quality premium denim at an affordable price. The brand’s aesthetic aim is to create sophisticated and refined designs, while being accessible to a wide audience. Simplicity is the core of the basics collection, allowing an individual to express their style and personality without the interference of over embellishment.
Based in Los Angeles, CA, THVM hosts events that showcase local artists and performers and opens it’s studios to the public on a regular basis. The interaction with diverse creative minds feeds the design of the collection, resulting in fresh and progressive styles originating from exploration. The washes may derive from the subtle grain of a photograph or the finish of a sculptural installation. The cuts may be inspired by the angular crescendo of a musical score and the movement from an accompanied dance. MADE IN USA
 CHIP FOSTER prides his jeans on having exquisite construction and execution, which means clean lines and a beautiful “skeleton”. To see the premium detail in the tailoring of each pair, you have to turn them inside-out. In fact, the brand is proud enough of their attention to quality that they encourage customers to turn them inside-out and inspect!

You may recognize Chip Foster—he’s the creative director at large at Chip and Pepper denim jeans. “This is my new baby, my new line invitation only for the best selected stores that I love. There was no need to create another line… it was not needed but wanted.”

GDC is excited to have some of the FIRST Chip Foster California collection in our Denim Bar.



 OCJ Apparel has combined the irresistible quality of Los Angeles designer jeans with fashionable adaptations of University pride, bringing you the first-ever line of premium collegiate denim. The line is fashionable enough to wear on all occasions, not just during the game.
OCJ manufactures all of its products in the denim capital of the world: Los Angeles, CA, while still headquartered in Ft Worth, Texas, where football is like a second language.
In staying with the GDC tradition of always showcasing what's new & next, we're proud to have the new "Slate" collection from OCJ, bringing their high quality from their traditional collegiate line with perfect fit and material to a clean "slate" pair, sans any logo.

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pura vida in SI Swim!

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pura vida in SI Swim!Screen-Shot-2013-02-12-at-10.53.12-AMScreen-Shot-2013-02-11-at-4.58.28-PM

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pura vida bracelets in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition

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pura vida bracelets in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition

These girls are beautiful. We couldn't resist sharing.

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You've Got The Love

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I'm not the mushiest romantic in the world. Yes, perhaps my favorite movie is "Breakfast at Tiffanys" and I may drink my water out of a wine glass at times, but I prefer to think of that as more Vogue than girly. Judge if you may, but someone reading this is pulling their wine glass out of a cabinet right now and taking it to the faucet.

That being said, I love accessories and any reason to buy and wear more accessories to add to my ridiculous collection. With Valentines Day fast approaching, I've taken to a particular trend with gusto and made sure the store is also stocked accordingly. Love. Yes, the love trend is huge right now, seen on celebrities (like Bar Rafaeli picture below), it's popular in necklaces, rings, tattoos and bracelets.

ImageI've made certain that our collection at Gameday Cloth includes this hot style as well as quite a few others I'm "loving" right now. (get it?)

Like I said, I don't really need an excuse to collect more accessories, but February is as good a month as any to buy for yourself if you're looking for a reason, and especially to buy for someone else. Below are some of my current favorites - perfect for a gift, or to keep for yourself.

1) The Nepal beaded bracelet. If you don't already have one, get one. In fact, get a few.

2) Bangles and bracelets. This picture is chock full of trends, the cross wrap in bold colors, the Hope bead, the Love bangle. Pick a few and layer them on.

3) This purse necklace is absolutely adorable. Need I say more?

4)Yes, that is a mustache necklace. And a robot necklace. And an elephant necklace. I die.

5) Finally, if you have to give a little love, why not do it fashionably? The heart and locket looks expensive, but the cz's keep it affordable. And the dual heart necklace is too cute the way it holds together when it hangs around the neck.




ImageThere's loads and loads more in store, as well as plenty of options for the men. And by the way, is anyone hearing this song in their head just by reading the title?


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