Franklin BBQ

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The phrase "food coma" gets thrown around a lot these days and I've can't say I've ever really experienced what I think that means.  Until today.  Today I had the pleasure of trying Franklin BBQ.  If you aren't familiar with Franklin, its considered one of, if not the, best barbeque restaurants in the world.  Celebrity chef and food critic Anthony Bourdain has said that the brisket is the best he's ever had.  Texas Monthly named it the best barbeque in the state.  There's usually a three hour wait and people swear it's worth it.  On their website, they state that they have run out of brisket every day they have been open (think about that...that blows my mind).  What I'm saying is that it's pretty highly regarded.

There's a line.  There seems to always be a line.  The doors open at 11 and people are there before 9.  When I first drove by it was around 9:45 and there were about 50 people waiting.  Even with a long wait, you aren't promised anything.  When they run out of meat, they are done for the day,  There's a way to skip the line, but if you have the time and the patience (which I lack) it looks like quite the scene.  People line up for hours.  They bring iPads and magazines.  They bring coolers and folding chairs.  They mingle with their neighbors in line and there seems to be a real sense of camaraderie.  I am impatient and lazy so I found a way to skip waiting in line.  I won't bore you with the details but it involves pre-ordering, a minimum of two weeks and the entire process can be spelled out with an email to Franklin.

I had the turkey (moist and delicious), pulled pork (also moist and delicious) and the brisket (um...also, also moist and delicious) with a side of potato salad and some key lime pie.  If you are on a diet, avoid this place at all costs.  There doesn't seem to be anything "lean" or "skinny" within blocks of this place and you'll just be mad at your diet..  Everything was tender and seasoned perfectly.  The potato salad was the only thing that wasn't amazing, but it was still good enough that there weren't any leftovers.  The sauce (vinegar based) was superb and I'm glad I have extra.  Having lived in Texas 90% of my life, I've had plenty of BBQ.  This is easily on my list of favorite BBQ places.  Go and don't let the line scare you away.

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The Austin Food Scene

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I am constantly amazed by how much great food there is in Austin.  Our store is lucky enough to be on the same block as Lamberts, La Condesa and Leaf.  We are fortunate to be on the same street as Jo's Coffee Shop, Taverna, Austin Java, Cru, and Coal Vines.  And if you venture further down there's 2nd Bar and Kitchen and Berry Austin.  This is all on our street.  You could be full and happy at any and all of these places.  If you venture off in any direction you could end up at Bob's Steak and Chophouse, the Bonneville (a personal favorite), III Forks, and I could go on and on and on.

My problem is that I live and work in this area.  Why is that a problem?  Because there's no need to venture more than a block or two for an amazing meal.  And I haven't even scratched the surface of all of the culinary hotspots, Top Chef winners and James Beard recipients or renowned food trucks that are all throughout the city.  I told myself that when I moved here, I would constantly try new places and I've failed in that.  That changes now.

I'm going to start hitting some of these places up and I'll report back.  I'm no food critic, but I know what I like.  I know when service is good and when it isn't.  I know what places I would recommend to anyone who walks in the store and I know what places never seem to be on that list.  Take my advice, listen to my recommendations or ignore me completely...that's your choice.  But if you're interested in some Austin dining information, I'll try my best to provide it.  These will be my likes and dislikes and mine alone, and I'll try to be fair.  I'll have more tomorrow...because it starts then.

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The NBA is Faaaaaantastic!

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Sorry for reusing that dated NBA marketing slogan, but these playoffs have really pulled me back in.  Sure, after March Madness and MLB's opening few weeks, I start paying some cursory attention to the Association.  My man crush on Kevin Durant has even kept me engaged at times during the long regular season.  But this year it seems to be even more exciting.

After a first round featuring my two favorite teams (Houston and OKC), the up and coming Clippers, Nuggets and Warriors, and drama in the  Brooklyn/Chicago series and the NY Knicks/Boston series, I noticed I was making the late night games a little higher on the viewing scale at the house.  I had no idea how intense it was going to get in round two.

There seems to be a lot of bad blood in the east.  The Knicks/Pacers undercard is great theater if only because the Knicks could win or lose any game by 20 depending on how they are shooting that night.  The Bulls/Heat series...that's on a whole other level.  If there were a drinking game involving the how many times a Heat or Bulls player was thrown, pushed, pulled or tripped onto the floor, Starlight Vodka might run out of inventory.

Then there's the West.  Wow.  Manu Ginobili may have hit the shot of the playoffs with 2 seconds left in the second overtime of game 1.  And Steph Curry is becoming a star before our eyes.  Kevin Durant is proving how great he is coming 1 assist shy of a triple-double.  And the Grizzlies are showing everyone why they were a popular pick to make the finals.

I hope that this is a sign of things to come.  I love this game (another old NBA slogan).


* Dustin is not a doctor.  Take this post as his opinion only and stay in school

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Shaking off the Sports Malaise

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February is a tough month for the sports fan...the Super Bowl signals the end of the NFL season, college football is all but forgotten, baseball hasn't started yet and, for me anyway, my Basketball Jones hasn't arrived.  Fortunately, it's the shortest month and March Madness is right around the corner.  Pitchers and catchers have reported for spring training and the post All Star Game NBA season is starting to become more and more compelling.

So how do you pass the time?  Usually, I try to catch up on movies and tv shows I've missed, read a couple of books, and spend more time outdoors as the temperature rises.  The hibernation needs to end sometime, people.

This February, I used my time to pick up and move to Austin.  Getting a second Gameday Cloth up and running plus unpacking and organizing my (so called) life has been more than enough to pass the time. I know that we are all excited to bring the Gameday Cloth lifestyle to our friends, old and new, in the state capital.  It will all be worth it.

So, I ask do you pass the time?  What helps the sports fan in you get through this month?

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Opening Day Tips

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Pitchers and cathers report today!  This means Opening Day is just a few weeks away and since I’m the party planner for our crew, I have some tips.

Rent a Portable Bathroom.  This is probably the biggest success stories over the years.  No more waiting in line for the one and only place to pee in Section E of the parking lot.  The ladies love it!  We had 4 parking spots one year and just put the thing in the middle.  It worked out awesome!  Just beware of the potty vultures.  It’s also easiest if you call the Ballpark to get their approved contractor.  They usually deliver and pick up, you don’t want to handle that s***.

Get there early.  Parking is a beast and having a large group every year like we do is always tough to get enough parking for all of us.  Encourage car pooling amongst your friends.  It’s more fun to drive out there with friends telling stories of old.  You’ll probably owe the poor driver a drink or two once you get back home, but it’s worth it!

Grilling is hard.  We tried this once.  It didn’t work.  I would give you the recipe for bacon wrapped jalapeno cheese dogs, but you can just buy them in the stadium these days.  Bring breakfast tacos or something along those lines.  You won’t believe how fast time flies

Don’t wear jeans.  If it’s a sunny day, no matter the temperature don’t wear jeans.  Breathable pants are good, or sometimes even shorts.  Jeans just don’t work for a day game.

Bring Friends – a lot of them.  No need to go into details about that.


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The Move

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Things in Austin I am excited about: Jo's Coffee Shop, Hopdoddy, UT home football games, 2ND Street District, Amy's Ice Cream, my friends at the Capital, Moonshine's brunch, the bats under the Congress Avenue bridge in the summer, UT home baseball games, Austin Java, Lamberts, the proximity to the Hill Country, Vince Young, Stubbs, ACL live, Bonneville, South Congress, UT home basketball games, my downtown apartment, La Traviata, being so close to Gruene, La Condesa, Zilker Park, the Continental Club, ACL festival, Texas Chili Parlor, Eeyore's Birthday, the Warehouse District, my cousins, Bob's rooftop bar, being so close to San Marcos, the flagship Whole Foods, Paul Qui, Lake Austin, being so much closer to San Antonio, being able to walk almost everywhere I need to go, Fun Fun Fun fest, Mack Brown, Vegan menus, the amazing food trucks, Kerbey Lane, Handle Bar, Zac's, the Salt Lick, South by Southwest, Alamo Draft House, West 6th, Juan in a Million, Earl Campbell, Maudie's off the menu queso, Book People, Magnolia Cafe, Lake Travis, being so much closer to my family and, of course, the opportunity to bring Gameday Cloth to all of our friends in Austin.

Things that I will miss in Dallas:  Jana, Scott, Lauren, Jeff, Kristin, Alex and McKenzie and all the rest of my Gameday family and friends.  I hope everyone can come by to our party on Friday night and I hope all of y'all will stop by if you're ever in Austin.


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Game of the Week - Week 14

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I hope everyone is enjoying their Cyber Monday (shameless plug, any web order from will include free shipping and a free White Elephant gift. Today only!) and that everyone had a happy and safe Thanksgiving.  The college football season is nearing it's end and most of the postseason matchups are starting to come into focus.  Notre Dame, for example, has already cinched their spot in the National Championship Game in Miami.  Ohio State has already finished their season undefeated, untied and unable to play in a postseason game.  Several other teams (including the Mighty Mustangs of SMU) have become bowl eligible and are just waiting for the invitations to be sent out this weekend.

Alabama and Georgia face off in the SEC championship game in a matchup that will determine who faces Notre Dame in Miami.  (Jana just told me....well, kids might be reading this, so Jana says "Go Dawgs!")  Since it's the number two versus three teams, it's by default the Game of the Week.  I was really pulling for a Kansas State versus Oregon national title game because I'm tired of SEC teams.  Is the SEC that great this year?  I guess we'll have a chance to find out when those top SEC teams play top teams from other conferences.

I can't wait until Bowl Season.  Maybe it's ESPN's marketing, maybe it's because college football season is coming to an end, maybe I just need a life, but Bowl Season always gets me.  It's the only time a year that I'll care if the Mid American Conference Champion can beat someone from the Patriot League.  It's the only time I'll make a point of watching the fifth best Mountain West Team can hang with the eighth best PAC-12 team.  I love it.  I'll try and put together a Cliff's Notes version of a comprehensive bowl preview blog for the literally dozens of you who might stumble upon it.

Other Games I'll be Watching:

Northern Illinois versus Kent State - Both teams are not only ranked, but are 11-1.  Who knew?

Texas at Kansas State - K State owns Texas and really needs this one for the Big XII title.  Texas, who knows what they are thinking?

UCLA versus Stanford - A rematch from last week.  Plus, I kind of like UCLA's new uniforms.

Oklahoma at TCU - TCU loves to play spoiler and a win would really end their first season in the Big XII on a high.

Nebraska versus Wisconsin - The battle for the Big 10 title featuring the second and third best teams in the conference.

* These opinions are from Dustin and not necessarily Gameday Cloth.  Except the one opinion from Jana, that's from Jana and not necessarily Dustin OR Gameday Cloth.

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