Lines We Love: Hanky Panky

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If you've never worn a pair of Hanky Panky, then you are seriously missing out. Favorite doesn't even work as a good enough description. The story behind them is almost as awesome as they feel ...


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Gift Guide for Him

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* Stance "Rudy" Socks, $12. These are amazing socks and come in a plethora of colors and styles.
* Nixon "Sentry Leather" Timepiece ...

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Gift Guide for Her

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* Phoenix & Fee Bracelet Set, $72. This is a local designer brand new to the store. These pieces are so unique ...

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Austin is a very health conscious town.  People are always biking throughout the city, walking their dogs or jogging around town lake.  It seems that every restaurant has vegetarian options, gluten free options, vegan name the cleanse or diet, and you're covered.  Yoga studios seem to be more plentiful than pizza joints.  There's so much great food here, but it's also a very health conscious city.  One of the places that encapsulates this lifestyle just so happens to be located right next door to us on 2nd Street.

I'm kind of biased, but I really like Leaf.  They really seem to have something for everyone.  My personal favorite is the El Jefe.  The corn salsa and steak strips just work well.  In order to keep from getting burned out on that deliciousness, I will often get the Abbi's Asian Chicken Salad.  The organic sesame-ginger vinaigrette (which is made in house, by the way) in amazing, but I could say that about any and all of their home made vinaigrettes.

The only negative about Leaf is their hours.  They are open 11-4 Monday through Saturday and closed on Sunday.  Their salads are huge so there have been many nights that I wanted to take one home and split it for dinner.  And (like Chick fil-A) I seem to always crave them on Sundays.

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15 Fearless Predictions

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I just wanted to throw out some fearless predictions that I've shared with people before, but not in a public forum.  Just know that these are my opinions and I'll be the first to admit that I'm wrong...although when I'm proven right on some of these (and I will be) don't think that I won't remind y'all ;)

1. Both Texas teams will play in at least one World Series before 2020 and the Houston Astros will win one.

2. SMU will make the Elite 8 in the 2015 NCAA Men's Basketball tournament and Larry Brown will retire shortly afterwards.  SMU will return to the Sweet 16 the next year without Coach Brown.

3. Nolan Ryan will run for governor and win.

4. Craig James will run for governor and lose.  Somewhere in Washington state, Mike Leach will laugh.

5. Johnnie Manziel (who I dislike to such an incredible degree that I can't put it into words) will have a successful NFL career that lasts at least 6 years, but Jadaveon Clowney will be an All-Pro proving that the Texans made the right choice.  Manziel will eventually become a bartender at Vince Young's Steakhouse.

6. One of the non BCS teams in Texas will go undefeated in football, but won't get an invitation to the championship tournament.

7. TCU will win the NCAA title in baseball and no one outside of Fort Worth will notice.

8. Kevin Durant will win an NBA title somewhere outside of Oklahoma City, Dwight Howard won't win won anywhere, not even on NBA 2K.

9. Kevin Sumlin will leave Texas A&M without ever having won a SEC West title.  After he leaves, A&M will be found to have committed major recruiting violations, but won't see any serious sanctions.  And Aggie fans will still be obnoxious.

10. After Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker retire, the San Antonio Spurs will somehow still be really, really good.  This will irritate everyone in Dallas.

11. Jason Garrett and Tony Romo will be seen together at a Lady Gaga concert.

12. Those of us in Austin will continue to remind everyone else how much better Austin is than where you live.  The backlash will come and it won't be pretty.

13. Texas A&M and the University of Texas will not renew their annual football game until the lawmakers get involved.  Both teams will talk about how great their current situation is (even if it isn't) so the game will be played at the beginning of each season and not the end.

14. Cowboys Stadium will continue to host every conceivable championship event out there, but the Cowboys won't win any of them.

and finally 15.The sun will come out tomorrow.

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Love Is In the Air

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In case you weren't aware, June is a very special month for the Gameday Cloth family.  We are celebrating not one, but two weddings.  While we wish that we could have invited each and every one of you, that simply wasn't possible.  But in lieu of that, here's something that always make us smile:


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Don't sweat the small stuff

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This next week is Father's Day. I'm also getting married in 10 days. I can't think of a better way to celebrate my Dad than to have those moments with him just before he walks me down the aisle and to have that dance with him as one of my first moments as a new Mrs.

I'm fortunate that my Dad has not just been around my whole life, but been a great role model, friend and disciplinarian. He played tic-tac-toe with me in church when we were both bored, he cheered in the audience from every play, production, dance concert, pageant, etc … And now we enjoy sharing business, football and wine. I couldn't ask for a stronger man to have shown me what I deserve in a husband. I can't wait to celebrate him this weekend and show him how much I appreciate him throughout my wedding weekend. 

My Dad always had two rules growing up:

(1) Don't sweat the small stuff

(2) Everything is small stuff

I suck at following those rules, but I never forget that he said it. Cheers to the men in our lives that inspired us to be better people, cared for us in our tears, fussed at us when we thought we knew better and loved us no matter what. Whoever you call that man in our life, be sure you do something special for him on Father's Day.

I love you, Dad.

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