Good Morning Texas - the GDC Way

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SO MUCH FUN! We got a call a couple weeks ago asking to put together looks for a Red River fashion segment on Good Morning Texas for Friday, Oct 10th. I've only been on a TV set a handful of times and, let me tell you, nothing gets you going more than LIVE TV! (no pressure).

I grabbed a couple friends and GDC girls and LOVED putting my styling hat back on. Now that we have the GDC Denim Bar I can truly style head to ... well, ankle. It was a little chilly to rock our Havaianas or Hari Mari's.

Look at how cute these girls were!

photo 1

The stylist doing the segment for GMT was Jeannette Chivvis and she's posted the video and some more pics on her blog. I couldn't help but snag a few of my own pics as well.

photo 2 photo 3 photo 4When do we get to do it again??!!??!

From L to R: (everything can be found at GDC).

Cheryl is wearing OCJ jeans in OU, G Wear top in Oklahoma, Randolph Engineering Aviators

Kristi is wearing James Jeans Twiggy in Ginger, Original Retro Brand cropped burnout UT top, LeeLee Rox Texas hat

Daryn is wearing thvm jeans in Salt, Original Retro Brand OU dolman, necklace from Gameday Cloth

I am wearing James Jeans Twiggy in Moroccan Leaf, Original Retro Brand Hi/Lo Dolman in UT, necklace from Gameday Cloth

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G Wear on D: The Broadcast

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We're so excited to carry G Wear at both Gameday Cloth locations. They were featured on a local program in Dallas called D: The Broadcast on KTVDTV, hosted by Pat Smith & Courtney Kerr, among others. Courtney rocked her GWear with cuffed jeans, ankle boots and a statement necklace. But the best was the shout out we got at the end as a place to find G Wear locally! Check out the video!


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Bring on the Chaos

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With all the unrest in the NFL right now, it's nice to see all the focus shifting to the 2011 NFL Draft for a minute. I was worried there was a time when it might not even happen! But it will happen and everyone involved is geared up and ready. Kiper and McShay have their boards ready. The Twittersphere is lit up about Cam Newton. Will he or won't he go #1? Will he be the most amazing quarterback or a total bust? Cha-os.

My personal love of the Draft is the chaos. I was fortunate to be in the middle of the 2006 NFL Draft. I grabbed dinner with friends at Rosa Mexicana, among them Sean Salisbury, one of the main broadcasters covering the draft, and then headed to the official party at Marquee. On our way to dinner, the chaos began and the night was fantastic from there. Salsibury could barely keep up with the phone calls and eventually cut out early to head back to hotel headquarters to figure out what was going on the next morning. It all surrounded the potential #1.

Matt Leinert was the man that year. He was going #1 and everyone knew it. But then the swapping and switching began and before we'd had our first bite of dinner, Mario Williams was selected by the Houston Texans as #1. He was followed by Reggie Bush and then Vince Young. If you remember, the 2005 National Championship was USC and Texas at the 2006 Rose Bowl. Leinart famously stood on the sidelines following their loss claiming to still be the better team. It was sheer brilliance to see Young go before him. As news broke of the change from what everyone expected to the completely unexpected, Leinart avoided everyone at the party, hiding out in the VIP section and leaving early. Meanwhile, all other players relished the attention, the champagne and the moment of what was happening around them. Chaos.

I can't help but share this video from what I still think was the best Championship Game yet.

This year, I believe, is no different. Add to it the court case, judge ruling, subsequent appeals, broken down arbitration and you have a serious NFL circus. Thankfully, the players still get their moment. What happens from there? Who knows? Will they choose loyalty with their new Owners? Scab out right away from the Players? Or choose loyalty with the rest of the Players - and who knows how long they'll all, new and old, stand as a 'Band of Brothers.'

I'll be enjoying this years' 2011 NFL Draft in my Pro Owner shirt. Where do you think the newly drafter players should side? They were just selected by the Owners to stand side by side with Players. What side are you on? And the biggest question of all - are you ready for the Chaos?

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Super Recovery

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The snow has cleared (in time for more, apparently), the visitors have gone home and the city of Dallas appears to have come out the other side of Super Bowl XLV hosting unscathed. Minus a few minor bumps (thank you Christina Aguilera for creative liberties in our National Anthem) and bruises (oops, you bought a seat and it isn't safe enough to sit in), most claim to have enjoyed DFW hospitality and found enough partying to be done at one of the million events going on around the city.

I heard on the news about a man from Chi-town unhappy with Dallas because it's unethical. Because the parking spot was $500 at the big game, he believes the entire city was taking advantage of his presence for the biggest football game of the year. I take it this was his first Super Bowl experience. Otherwise, he'd know that prices would be extraordinary in Poughkeepsie if during a massive, nationally televised, best of the best NFL game.


Otherwise, I do believe we've wiped the egg off our faces as a city from being completely debilitated by weather, and managed to throw a spectacular weekend. We were even in on the spirit at Gameday Cloth with Packers and Steelers merchandise. We have hardly any left after a weekend of stir-crazy tourists ready to explore.



What was your favorite part of the weekend? Or the game itself? As I posted on our Facebook page, the VW - Dark Side commercial wins 1st place. But with personal connections to both the halftime show and the 90-second Glee-inspired Chevy ad, they are a close 2nd and 3rd place, respectively.

We took full advantage of the extra excitement surrounding the game this year. We rolled a keg into the closet and threw on a pot of chili, rounded up our craziest friends and watched the Packers own the game. I wore my blue, as promised, and shed a pony tear when Emmanuel Sanders was injured out of the game, leaving me little to personally feel attached to in the game. But, similar to the city, we survived - personally and professionally.

On to the next - March Madness anyone? Spring Training? Which one do you find more exciting?

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ESPN goes Mustang

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I am literally bouncing out of my seat excited right now. My illustrious business partner just sent me the link to the upcoming ESPN 30 for 30 film - "Pony Excess." To say I am looking forward to seeing this is a drastic understatement. This entire company was founded around the Mustangs! (Well, what to wear to cheer for the Mustangs and still look fashionable and age-appropriate). I try not to play favorites with teams in the store, but people - this is SMU football we're talking about. Death penalty, no school spirit, elitist and preppy students actually being excited about their team and ESPN giving us some national love. (I can say these things. I'm an SMU Alumn).

In the south, football is life and football season is synonymous with college. We are in this business because people are so passionate about their teams and their schools. I am dying over this publicity for the team, recognition of the Death Penalty and the climb back from obscurity. As the only team to receive such sanctions to date - and probably ever - this is a huge piece of college football history no matter what team colors you choose to wear.

Mustang fan or not, check it out. ESPN 30 for 30 "Pony Excess." Seriously.

Love your team. Love your clothes.

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Our first official sponsorship

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We are an official sponsor of PonyFans live.  The first show was taped last night at Lakewood 1st & 10 with Bryan McCann and Mitch Enright.

It was a great night, thank you everyone!

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For the Love of the Game

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I love college baseball and this is the part of the year I get to enjoy some of the great games leading up to the College World Series.  The trek to Omaha is an awesome experience.  This week the teams were selected and I'm going to be glued to the tube in a couple of days.  I personally don't have any favorites, but the UT team and the LSU teams are going to be tough to beat.  Who knows, maybe TCU can advance again.

I do have a debate, do aluminum bats still have a place in College Baseball?  There are two sides, the basic problem is the ball can come off the bat 30-40 miles an hour faster than a wooden bat.  How?  The aluminum bat is lighter and can be swung faster, increasing bat speed.  Bat speed is the basis for the power of the hitter.  This is pretty scary for the pitcher or third baseman when you are staring down a line drive at over a 100 miles an hour.  There are substantial head injuries it seems like almost every year.

The argument for the aluminum bat is primarily costs.  Wooden bats are not metal and can break pretty easily.  Some people simply enjoy the "ping" sound of the bat when the ball is hit.

I sit on the side of against aluminum bats.  I realize there are costs and some would say environmental issues, but I'm a little bit of a purist.  I've played in games with both and I preferred the wooden bat even though the ball didn't go as far.  The other reason is someone will get killed at some point soon.  Aren't lives worth more than the couple of hundred dollars per team?  It sounds drastic, but watch how hard the ball comes off the bat the next couple of weeks.

How do you feel?

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