Dustin's Mom Memory

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Dustin is a co-owner in Gameday Cloth and is in Austin running our 2nd Street District location. He had wonderful things to share with his Mom as well:

I have no one specific memory that stands out about my mom. I say that only because she's been consistently great for my entire life. She was always the one who cheered the loudest at youth soccer games, always the one to help me and my sister with our homework, always the one who took care of the family (whether sick, elderly, recovering, etc). She was also the most thoughtful member of the family, the one who makes me laugh the hardest and the one that I miss most often. She's the conscience, the heart and soul, and the rock in my family and I can't put into words how much I love her and how much she's meant to all of us. Happy mother's day Glenda!

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Erin's Mom Memory

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So I asked my family to submit Mom Memory's as well. Not to be entered, but I was so moved by everyone's submissions that I wanted to share it with my own Mom. Here is what my older sister sent in from Kentucky:

My memories of mom are too many to try to count. She has been our defender, our protector and our supporter and our cheerleader. She has doctored wounds and wiped away tears - Always quick with a hug and encouragement.

She lifts us up in prayer and is willing to trust God with our todays and our tomorrows.

She let us run off to the four corners making sure we understand we always have a place to return (which we all have at one time or another!!) We can always count on a wonderful meal and some good conversation. No one can deny she’s a regular gourmet!!

She let us take on the world standing on our own two feet, but is still always there to encourage us when it isn’t going well, share some wisdom when we’re making a wrong turn, or dust us off when we land on our butts- yet she also celebrates our victories more sincerely than anyone else. 

I know moms love their kids, but God did an extra special job when he made ours.

Thank you for all of your love Mom, none of us would be where we are without it!

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Liz's Mom Memory

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My favorite "Mom Memory" centers around my wedding day in December 2011.  My Mom helped me plan every detail of my wedding, from the floral arrangements to the music to the food selections!  Choosing all of these special details was such a fun bonding experience for my Mom and I.  She and I both wanted the wedding day to be perfect...and it was!

My Mom was there to help me put on my beautiful gown, and the expression on her face when I walked down the aisle was priceless.  She was so proud of her "little girl".  As my Dad walked me down the aisle, my Mom grabbed my hand and gave it a sweet little squeeze.  I could feel her unconditional love in that one little touch.  Fortunately, the photographer captured this special moment, and I'll never forget it.  :)

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Adrianna's Mom Memory

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When I was little and it was close to bed time, every night I would ask my mom to "pet my head" (play with my hair). She would just lay next to me and mess with my hair til I fell asleep. To this day when I'm going to sleep I just lay there and twirl my hair... :)

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