Game of the Week 3

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Let's be honest...there's only one choice for the game of the week.  I could talk about Bama's revenge, or A&M being disrespected, Manziel's chance at a second Heisman trophy, or Alabama's quest for it's third consecutive national title.  I could talk about that, but I won't.  Those stories and many more are being told ad nauseum all over the internet.

I'm old enough to remember the "Hurricane Bowl" between the Aggies and Tide the last time they met in College Station.  Remember, for a long time, Texas A&M football wasn't as popular as it is today.  Sure they would sell out when they played Texas, but for most of the other home games, if you bought a Blizzard at the College Station Dairy Queen, you got a free end zone ticket to that weeks game.  I seem to recall that being the case for Bama, but I may be mistaken.

I do remember the circumstances surrounding the game.  The Tide were supposed to visit A&M in September for an early non conference game (Bama was SEC, but A&M was in the Southwest Conference...look it up).  Then Hurricane Gilbert looked as if it were headed straight to College Station.  Citing player safety, Alabama coach Bill Curry asked for (and received) permission to postpone the game until December.  On that September day, the day that it was supposed to happen, it was sunny and beautiful in College Station.

The Aggie fans had a field day...I vividly remember several of the Chicken Curry t-shirts being worn by the Ags.  And after A&M beat Texas on Thanksgiving, they were riding high and ready to defend their house.  But it was not to be.  Led by the late, great Derrick Thomas, Alabama won 30-10.  Thanks to Dairy Queen, I was there.

Other Games I'll be Watching:

TCU at Texas Tech - TCU's starting QB is out for "several weeks" and Tech is still using a true freshman walk on.  If he leads them past the Frogs, it significantly impacts the race for the Big XII title.

Ole Miss at Texas - This one could get ugly quickly.  Mack Brown's job might be at stake.

Wisconsin at Arizona State - I like Wisconsin.  After their early season slate of junior high teams, they finally face a decent opponent.  Can Todd Graham continue resurrecting the ASU program?

Iowa at Iowa State - Okay, I won't actually watch this game...but I do like knowing who holds the Cy Hawk trophy.

* Let's not concern ourselves with who Dustin took shots at.  Let's just send angry thoughts his way.

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Game of the Week - Week 1

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I don't think there's a more exciting time on a college campus than the week of a big football game.  Whether its Homecoming week, playing the big rival, trying to make it into the postseason or the home opener, the surrounding area just seems a little more alive.


Living in the Dallas area, we are fortunate to experience this to various degrees throughout the year.  The CJ Wilson/Yu Darvish matchup between the Angels and Rangers had the town buzzing.  A Monday Night Football Cowboy home game (like the Bears game in a few weeks) will have people talking all week prior as the anticipation builds.  A Mavericks playoff series dominates the local news.  SMU and TCU charges up local alumni from both sides.  Heck, I'm fairly certain most of the high schools around here have one or two matchups a year that seem like do or die to their respective fanbases.


This week, Alabama and Michigan are facing off in Cowboy Stadium.  The past few years, Jerry Jones has put together a marquee matchup in the first week of the season, but this one seems special.  No disrespect to LSU/Oregon last year or BYU/Oklahoma and TCU/Oregon State of previous years, but this years Cowboys Classic seems to have extra oomph.  Alabama has the second most national championships and is the current reigning champ.  Michigan is tied for third on the "total national championships" list and is college football winningest program all time.  Bo and the Bear, Shoelace versus the vaunted Alabama defense, maize and's all some people want to talk about it.  This matchup of top ten teams will have my full attention this Saturday night.


Other games of note: South Carolina at Vanderbilt (first ESPN game of the season)

Texas A&M at Louisiana Tech (a rebuilding A&M team against an often overlooked Ragin' Cajun squad)

Boise State vs Michigan State (can Boise shock another marquee program?)

North Texas at LSU/Hawaii at USC (who will win by more, the Tigers or the Trojans?)

SMU at Baylor (can Baylor rebuild after losing RG3?)

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Spirited Fashion - Tebow Style

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He’s at it again. Tim Tebow is setting records in the NFL and he hasn’t even started his first season yet. As I previously mentioned, I bet that Tebow wouldn’t be drafted in the first round. I was wrong. Since being drafted by Denver, Tim Tebow’s #15 Bronco’s jersey is the fastest-selling rookie jersey of all-time. And apparently there isn’t a very close second place.

I still feel as passionately about the guy as I always have. There just has to be more to his story. And apparently I’m not the only one. Bronco’s blogs and message boards received polar reviews of the pick, yet nothing really down the middle. So good or bad, he’s definitely publicity for the team.

I’ll admit, if Tebow decided he liked Gameday Cloth and wanted some Univeristy of Florida gear, I would get it for him. Personally. And hand write the thank you note. Then drive it to him and take a picture of him wearing it.

I still feel the same. I just know Tebow repping your company is not a bad thing.

So fans will be showing up to Bronco’s games (and probably UF games) in the new Bronco’s #15 jersey. The fashionista in me has to object. Can’t there be some originality? Will everyone look the same?

I propose a vintage Gator T-shirt. Ironically, the colors for each team are very similar and everyone would know who you were supporting and envy how good you looked simultaneously. You can wear it to the game, wear it on the weekend and wear it to a casual job under a blazer. Where are you going to wear a jersey outside of a tailgate? And how much does that jersey cost?

And say you’re following the #1 draft pick, Sam Bradford. If you wore an old-school Oklahoma Tshirt, let’s make it white with red lettering to keep from accidentally supporting the opposing team in red, everyone would know who you were cheering for.

Let’s face it, the NFL is all about the players you support more than the team they play for. I bet that’s especially true in Tebow’s case. No matter who he plays for, his loyal followers will shun the colors from the previous team and refill their closet in the new team colors. Isn’t it just easier to rock out in Florida gear?

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Mustangs ready for the Fall

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With March Madness nearing a close, true football fanatics are already gearing up for the Spring. SMU's Hawaii Bowl Champion Mustangs are living, breathing and thinking football. And without a baseball team, that leaves the rest of Mustang Country hungry for next football season!,0,4363828.story

We want to know what sport you look forward to the most?

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