Good Morning Texas - the GDC Way

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SO MUCH FUN! We got a call a couple weeks ago asking to put together looks for a Red River fashion segment on Good Morning Texas for Friday, Oct 10th. I've only been on a TV set a handful of times and, let me tell you, nothing gets you going more than LIVE TV! (no pressure).

I grabbed a couple friends and GDC girls and LOVED putting my styling hat back on. Now that we have the GDC Denim Bar I can truly style head to ... well, ankle. It was a little chilly to rock our Havaianas or Hari Mari's.

Look at how cute these girls were!

photo 1

The stylist doing the segment for GMT was Jeannette Chivvis and she's posted the video and some more pics on her blog. I couldn't help but snag a few of my own pics as well.

photo 2 photo 3 photo 4When do we get to do it again??!!??!

From L to R: (everything can be found at GDC).

Cheryl is wearing OCJ jeans in OU, G Wear top in Oklahoma, Randolph Engineering Aviators

Kristi is wearing James Jeans Twiggy in Ginger, Original Retro Brand cropped burnout UT top, LeeLee Rox Texas hat

Daryn is wearing thvm jeans in Salt, Original Retro Brand OU dolman, necklace from Gameday Cloth

I am wearing James Jeans Twiggy in Moroccan Leaf, Original Retro Brand Hi/Lo Dolman in UT, necklace from Gameday Cloth

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Fourth Annual GDC Tailgate is TONIGHT!

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Beer from Estaminet Pils & Palm Beer, pizza from Coal Vines, music from Luke Betchner ... How could even think about missing this?

And tomorrow, Friday, is our annual trunk show featuring G Wear & Randolph Engineering. The party starts again at 11am. All happening in The Shops at Legacy.

GDC Tailgate Poster 24x36

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ACL Style the GDC Way

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ACL Style the GDC Way

I, personally, am so excited for ACL this weekend! My wristband is registered, my fridge is stocked and my friends have arrived. The biggest question remaining - what to wear?

Check out our top styles for your upcoming ACL Festival weekend. We've got you covered head to toe. Seriously, I love fashion.

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The Gameday ManMosa

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With Father's Day fast approaching we've been discussing how to celebrate at Gameday Cloth. (And for those of you that may not have realized it, Father's Day is this Sunday. You're welcome).

I heard recently of something called a ManMosa. Upon further research I realized that there are quite a few recipes for ManMosa's. Is this something you've tried? Do any of our fans order these? Would a bartender even know what you were asking for? These questions have lead me to select a few recipe options to share and see if I can garner a response, or vote, if you will, for the best ManMosa recipe.


The first recipe is Vodka, Orange Juice & Beer. Plain, simple & to the point. And can I just get 3 cheers for the Absolut ad? Stellar!

Another is a more traditional Champagne, Orange Juice & Beer. I personally wouldn't want the beer ruining my Mimosa. And I am also a girl that loves to drink bubbles. So there's that.


Based on the above picture, another option is Beer, Orange Juice and Disaronno, which goes along with the Beer, Orange Juice & Triple Sec recipe I read about.

We've read, pondered, taste-tested and landed on one. Our "Gameday ManMosa" has its own unique spin to it. We use a traditional amount of Champagne and Orange Juice ... wait for it ... & serve it in a red solo cup. And we'll be doing so ALL WEEKEND in store in both The Shops at Legacy & The 2nd Street District.

Happy Father's Day Weekend


PS - Did you know the markings on a red solo cup were for your drinks?

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Share your favorite Mom Memory

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Opening Day Tips

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Pitchers and cathers report today!  This means Opening Day is just a few weeks away and since I’m the party planner for our crew, I have some tips.

Rent a Portable Bathroom.  This is probably the biggest success stories over the years.  No more waiting in line for the one and only place to pee in Section E of the parking lot.  The ladies love it!  We had 4 parking spots one year and just put the thing in the middle.  It worked out awesome!  Just beware of the potty vultures.  It’s also easiest if you call the Ballpark to get their approved contractor.  They usually deliver and pick up, you don’t want to handle that s***.

Get there early.  Parking is a beast and having a large group every year like we do is always tough to get enough parking for all of us.  Encourage car pooling amongst your friends.  It’s more fun to drive out there with friends telling stories of old.  You’ll probably owe the poor driver a drink or two once you get back home, but it’s worth it!

Grilling is hard.  We tried this once.  It didn’t work.  I would give you the recipe for bacon wrapped jalapeno cheese dogs, but you can just buy them in the stadium these days.  Bring breakfast tacos or something along those lines.  You won’t believe how fast time flies

Don’t wear jeans.  If it’s a sunny day, no matter the temperature don’t wear jeans.  Breathable pants are good, or sometimes even shorts.  Jeans just don’t work for a day game.

Bring Friends – a lot of them.  No need to go into details about that.


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Gameday Runway

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A couple weeks ago we hosted a runway show, styled by the fabulous New York fashion & beauty blogger Emily Loftiss of Loftiss Says. She pulled looks from Gameday Cloth & Ella Bleu to create what I personally think was sheer fantasticness.

Our cute models included Alex of Eat.Style.Dallas. and Carly Patterson, 2004 Olympic gold medalist, along with wonderful customers who volunteered to model whatever we threw at them. We got lots of love from local bloggers, including Molly from Pretty in Pink, Alexis of Stylish Gameday and even a shout out from Cynthia of Oh So Cynthia. All around, it was a fun night and if you missed it you need to make sure you not only watch the video from the night, but put it on your calendar next time we post an event.

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