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Posted on August 16, 2014 by Jana Mathena | 0 Comments

Every now and then I run across a pair of jeans I want to wear every day. They go with everything, feel perfect and make me confident and happy. Right now that is every single pair of James Jeans that I own. Every. Single. Pair. Which at this point is quite a few. Because you know jeans are difficult. So when you find that brand, you want to own it all.
Everything in life has a unique fit with respect to everything else. It can be between people, between people and their pets, between an animate object and an inanimate, or even between me and myself. Fit is a manifestation of the relative balance and compatibility between any relationship amongst infinite permutations. Everything in the universe therefore has a unique fit to everything else in the same. You come across a pair of jeans with an amazing fit. You go as far as calling it the perfect fit. Such a pair is  perfect fit to you, but to that pair of jeans, your body is the perfect fit. This certain fit is a union between two matters, no matter the cause or effect.
Celebrities, press and real people (myself) look great, be it the Neo Beau, Twiggy, a distressed, grey or camo. Every month I can't wait for the new shipment. Do yourself a favor and check out James Jeans, currently available in both our Shops at Legacy and 2ND Street District locations.
*All the information and photos from this blog came directly from James Jeans.

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